Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sketch For Money: Part 4

Hit Girl for TeenTitans4Evr.

StudioBueno's original character.

Samus for Shakbraw.

RionaWolfheart's original character.

Batgirl for whoisrico.

Reirei's original character.

Dragonboy-mt's original character drawn for Raesquared.

Pungang's original character.

A character based of an original poem by noctalis

NightmareKITT's original character.


David McBride said...

Great stuff!! I really like Samus. Pungang's original character reminds me of a grown up Penny from The Rescuers for some reason. Maybe its the pig tails and facial expression.

Johnny B said...

Is it too late to commission a sketch?

Kristina Bustamante said...

I fucking hated "Kick-Ass." But dang, your drawing of Hit Girl is sweet. I'm sure that movie would've rocked so hard if it was an animated film directed by you instead. Oh, reality...why do you suck?

Operation GutterBall said...

Damn Lauren, you are too good! Always dynamic ! Hope you compile these into an art book soon!

Anonymous said...

You out on bail yet?

Anonymous said...


Date of Birth: 01-02-1989

Sex: Female

Next Appearance Court:

Race: White

Custody Status: Released

Height: 5' 01"

Bail Amount: $0.00

Weight: 110

Arrested on: 03-14-2012

Hair Color: Brown

Housing Location: Intake Release Center (Women)

Eye Color: Blue

Release Type: Own Recognizance By Court

Occupation: SERVER

Release Date03-16-2012 23:14:00

Nevermind! Welcome back!

Background said...

Love the perspective. Very dynamic and playful!

Markus Erdt said...

Great stuff. I really enjoy looking through your works. I am working as an Illustrator thinking about dipping into character/ creature design for game and movie designs.

I would be happy if you could take a look and tell me your thoughts.

Keep up the good work

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