Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sketch for Money: Part 1

That's what I did. And these are some of them.

bigbigtruck's original character:

Bastion05's original character

Guy from the Witcher games for AzuriaZyfire's

Audley's original character

AraRouge's original character

Wonder Woman for AnonimusOne

Joker for AndyDandyMandy

Amaniwolf's original character

Aleana's original character

Abt-Nihil's original character


Ben said...

She could definitely crush those nuts.

David McBride said...

Very cool!!!! For the original characters, did people send you rough sketches?

chromasketch said...

great drawings

Lauren said...

They usually had some sort of visual reference that they sent me. Whether it was their own drawings or drawings they commissioned from someone else. On the rare occasion it would be only a written description.

David McBride said...

Sounds like a fun challenge to create solely from a written description.

Kenji Ono said...

beautiful drawings, as always!

Augusta Tina said...

Nice drawing..very cool:)

price per head said...

Well this is my first visit. Great stuff over the blog. Illustration has something special and I think we can't avoid this kind of initiative.

Anonymous said...

Lauren can you draw your version of lara croft.