Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sketch for Money: Part 2

Here are a few more...

Instant-Press-Comics's original character

Inspector97's wife's online character

Persephone for the Wonder Woman animated film for Inkstasy

Korra for Ibgraham

Asuka for JamieMDavies

Hwoarang1986's original characters

Fire Nation Katara for HomieBear

Dyoko-chan's original character

That girl from Bleach for ComradeCrash

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sketch for Money: Part 1

That's what I did. And these are some of them.

bigbigtruck's original character:

Bastion05's original character

Guy from the Witcher games for AzuriaZyfire's

Audley's original character

AraRouge's original character

Wonder Woman for AnonimusOne

Joker for AndyDandyMandy

Amaniwolf's original character

Aleana's original character

Abt-Nihil's original character