Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dollhouse X-mas Display 2011

Well, it's Christmas time again. And in true geek fashion, I decorated my dollhouse once again, with a few more props and a few more inhabitants as well. Behold the glory!

It's Christmas Eve and Cure Aqua can't wait for the party to start.

People begin to arrive bearing gifts.

Snowball ambush!!!

Cure Peach and Cure Berry hop out from their hiding place and lets the snowballs fly!

Cure Rouge gets a snowball to the head!

Cure Black runs off with all of Milky Rose's candy canes!

Cure White pets Rudolph.

Cure Pine decorates a tree with silver trimmings.

It's time or Bumble to place the star on top!

And what a lovely star it is too!

Even the bunnies get into the spirit by building a snow bunny.

Cure Dream is feeling a bit of snowman inadequacy next to Cure Mint's snowman.

Unable to compete, Cure Dream storms inside.

Cure Black wants it if you don't!

It's Cure Sunshine's photo opp with the Nutcracker.

But soon, everybody comes inside to start the party. Cure Mint offers some party foods, but Cure Passion is watching her figure.

It's not long before the Robot triplets show up....UNINVITED!
Everybody knows robots give the worst gifts.

"You did not invite us -- REVENGE SEQUENCE INITIATED!!!"

Eas makes her first appearance at the party, and she comes bearing the best gift of all!

And here it comes!!!!

"Level seven robot detected! DESTROY!!!!"

The robot triplets are gone.

And that's the story of how Eas saved Christmas!

And so the party continued into the night. Gifts were exchange and all were merry.

Cure Marine sneaks out to peek at the presents under the tree. But those presents are for Christmas morning. Peeking is strictly prohibited!

Some of the girls stay up all night to catch a glimpse of old Saint Nick.

Cure Moonlight waves goodbye to Santa. "See you again next year!"

Early in the morning, before the sun has even come up, the girls run down stairs to see what Santa has brought!

Cure Marine loves her monkey!

Cure Lemonade loves her ride on bear!

Cure White loves her new white scooter.

Time for everyone to open their presents!
"This one is for you Cure Blossom."

There goes Cure Black again, running off with everyone else's gifts!


steviem said...

Awesome, and even more thrilling than "Nerd Christmas 2010". I can't wait to see what you come up with next year.

David McBride said...

Really nice!! Are those S.H. Figuarts figures?

Riley MacGregor said...
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Riley MacGregor said...

Wowie wow wow wow! Totally awesome epic Xmas adventure! Amazing all-star cast! This post is better than egg nogg and mistletoe combined - very nice staging, some pretty dramatic shots - I totally didn't see that X-Man robot coming! All the best for 2012!

Operation GutterBall said...

Fantastic!! Great shots and poses! those figures are super cool!

Lauren Montgomery said...

Yes, those are the S.H. Figuarts Pretty Cure girls!!

David McBride said...

Their figures are really well made. I just got a Sentai figure now that they released them in the US. Those DBZ ones look great too.

James said...

Fantastic toys! Happy new year

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Carolina said...


dusty abell said...

That was one of the funniest things i've ever seen........... you boarded out an entire Anime Christmas Holiday Special with your figures, each shot you posted could be a screen grab from a full length stop motion show. MARVELOUS! Special appearances by Snowman, Santa and Rudolph struck a chord for me, as those were the holiday shows I looked forward to when i was a little kid and the Sentinel crashing the party was an unexpected development. Nicely done Lauren! Happy belated holidays..................

potato farm girl said...

The best Christmas special I've seen in aloooong time, complete with robots! <3

Jason Coulterman said...

that was awesome! I got a kick out of it. Very rare to see Japanese characters in a christmas theme. I wish I had seen this during Christmas time.

Phil Donaldson said...

Hit Girl in the Teen Titans...now, that's a scary thought. :-)

Mr. Kay said...

Hi Lauren! my name is kay and ive been following your work ever since the get go. I loved your directorial debut on Wonder Woman :D and Justice League: Doom amd it was ASTOUNDING! :D :D

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thanks a lot = )

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