Friday, February 04, 2011

Extra Large Dump

So here's a bunch of old junk and some old commissions that I never got around to posting. Some of it may not really be worthy of posting...but whateves. Just close your eyes for those ones.

So here we go in no particular order...
A Sailor Venus I drew around the time I was doing my Sailor series of drawings. All the others were at rest sitting poses, so this one didn't quite fit in with the feel of all the others. It was too kinetic. So she got dumped.
I was trying to draw a cute Tinkerbell...and failing... a lot.
Another failed attempt at a cute Tinkerbell. This one made it all the way to color.
A commission for a couple celebrating their anniversary. It was a gift from the husband to the wife. They had superman and wonder woman cake-toppers. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
I was just in the mood to draw a She-Hulk... for some reason.
Another one I drew while I was drawing my sailor scout series of drawings. This one was too melancholy looking. All the others seemed happier, so she also didn't quite fit in with the rest. So she also got dumped.
And yet another sailor scout series drawing. This one just didn't fit the boundaries of the paper. I went through a bunch of different poses for Pluto before I ended up with the right one. This one was not the right one. DUMPED!
I worked on G.I.Joe Resolute. For one segment. These are the storyboards.
Always wanted to post the line-art for this picture.
A commission I did for an Avatar fan a while back of Azula in her Earth Kingdom outfit.
A fast sketch I did while I was watching Tweeny Witches. I guess I just felt compelled to draw a witch.