Friday, December 17, 2010

Nerd Christmas

Apparently I'm too lazy to decorate my real house, but I'll got to all lengths to decorate my friggin doll house.... So I'm living out my childhood in my adult years... so I bought a dollhouse at WalMart that would be perfectly to scale with my awesome Sailor-Moon-esque Pre Cure Figuarts I shop at WalMart... so I really don't have the time to be doing this sort of stuff but I did it anyway.... this is normal, right?

Well, for someone who works in kind of is normal. And it's AWESOME!

So bask in the nerdiness of my amazing dollhouse all decked out for XMAS!!!!!

The full view.

Cure White placing the hat atop the snowman.

Cure Berry attempting to electrocute herself?

Cure Peach standing under the awesome wreath.

Cure Lemonade decorating the tree.

Cure Passion bringing stick arms and carrot nose to Cure Pine who is in the middle of Snowman sculpting.

Cure Milky Rose ready to beam Cure Aqua and Cure dream.

Eas is hogging the present. Since there is only one....

Cure Black rolling herself up a humongo snowball.

Embrace the nerd-dom!