Monday, November 29, 2010

2 Stragglers

I never liked Rini very much, but I had to finish off the sailor series....with the two characters I thought I'd never draw.

Well, hell. You knew I had to draw him. Just out of pure morbid curiosity. Can I make Tuxedo Mask look cool?

Apparently, the answer is no.

But this really is the last one of the sailor series.

Poor Tuxedo Mask. Didn't even get enough love to have a nice inked line. He just got a crappy colored sketch.
Sorry Tuxedo Mask. You're just too ridiculous.

How strange is it that I am more willing to accept a man in blue spandex with red underpants and a cape....who flies... as a crime fighter than I am a man in a Tuxedo and Mask?

Bat Tuxedo.....silly? Maybe in crime fighting... but probably not in any other circumstance. If Batman and Tuxedo Mask attended the same ball...... who's the silly one now?

So yeah, I drew Tuxedo Mask, for the first, and possibly last time. But I draw the line at white knight or Arabian prince or whatever his other outfit was called.