Sunday, February 07, 2010

Art Challenge 5

Mermaid Princess.

I was a bit of a cheater on this one. My sister asked me to draw her an octopus girl like Ursula but hotter. I decided to changed things up and did a slightly different take on an Octopus girl. Basically I put an octopus on her head. Anyway, sister didn't like it, so I used it to serve another purpose. I'm not really sure if an octopus girl counts as a mermaid princess....but heck, I've done enough mermaid drawings to last me many years. This will just have to do.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Art Challenge 4

Fix a Rob Liefeld Drawing

I guess this type of thing is a bit of a joke amongst a lot of artists around. Personally, I was not familiar with this man's work until I had to start doing research for this assignment. If you've ever read anything on this blog, you probably know I'm an animation whore, not a comic whore. So it is all too common I am unfamiliar with comic book artists. I'd heard his name before, usually in a joke context whenever my coworkers were talking about sub-par drawing skills, or artists whose hype was bigger than their talent. But apparently this guy was pretty famous at one time.....

I've got nothing personal against the guy myself. I'm sure he's somewhere rolling in money laughing at all his critics. But this was the challenge of the week, so here it is.

The assignment was to find a Rob Liefeld drawing and fix the anatomy, the perspective, draw the feet, just generally improve the thing. So I chose this one being that it had a few things that needed improving. The perspective was off, there were random shadows over people's faces for no apparent I did my best. But in fixing the perspective, I cut off the foreground girl's feet, so does that make me just as bad?