Friday, December 04, 2009

Draw Challenge 3: L4D2!!!!

Well, it's time for Draw Challenge #3! You may be thinking.... 3? But what happened to 2? If Namor was 1, then what was 2?

Well, I skipped 2 because I am a pansy and can't draw Clint Eastwood. So ON TO 3! This week's challenge was to do ANYTHING with ZOMBIES! So naturally, my current Zombie love affair is with Left 4 Dead 2.

Sure I could have been creative and done something totally not zombie related and included Zombies with it, but that's a fun game dammit! And I wanted to draw it up good.

But I didn't..... I was way too ambitious with the setup and started coloring before really thinking it through, therefore ending up with a somewhat crazy and poorly executed coloring job. But would you really expect any less (or more) from me? Needless to say, this piece does NOT pass the squint test. It's like a reverse Monet. Up close it's okay, but from far away, it's a MESS!
Maybe next time I'll do good.
This is a quickie I did about a week ago. I wanted to draw something uncomplicated...unlike the former piece.