Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poses and Expressions

Time for some old stuff from Green Lantern: First Flight!

Pose and expression sheets are by far my favorite part of the character design duties. I don't character design too often, so when I'm given the chance to help out with the poses and expressions, I jump at the chance. Jose had so many characters to handle on Green Lantern so I tried to pitch in the best I could by taking on the women of the cast...which weren't all that many.

Here's the result. These are my original drawings, based on Jose's designs, before I ran them past Jose and had him correct anything I had done wrong.

These are Boodika poses. Boodika was the only character of the movie I designed. Really only her face and body type was done by me. The costume design was done by Jose, which is why it looks so cool.
For all the visual reference we gave the overseas studio to go off of, Boodika was still the poorest looking character in the animation. Knowing that the only charater you designed in a movie is the worst looking character in that movie is a pretty sucky feeling.
Arisia was the cutest looking character in the whole movie, in my opinion. I love how she turned out. You can see that originally I had imagined she had leggings on under her skirt because there are no bloomers. That was later changed so that she could have bare legs to better harken back to her original comic design.
Carol also looked great in the final animation.
Labella was quite a challenge for me being that she does not have the conventional human facial anatomy, but she was fun to figure out nonetheless. And she ended up animating pretty well also.


BROCASSO said...

In draftsmanship and expresion.

Chris Battle said...

What he said.

Ale said...

great works!!

Will Caligan said...

These are all great. Green Lantern First Flight is by far my favorite DC movie to date. You did an amazing job on it and I am not eve a green lantern fan.

RAWLS said...

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME!!!

Gemma said...

These are gorgeous - thanks for sharing, love expression sheets

damon said...

so cool very nice stuff

Djordje Zutkovic said...

Sweet artwork as always! Green Lantern was a great movie! What heroes would you like to see adapted for animation? Aquaman maybe? Cant wait to see what you cook up next!

Justin Rodrigues said...

these are fantastic! love the expressions and posing.

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