Thursday, July 16, 2009

SDCC, Green Lantern, and more Wonder Woman Stuff

Well it's about that time again. I'll be heading down with my boyfriend next Wednesday to take part in the sensory overload that is the San Diego Comic Con.

Here's a list of all that will be going least on my schedule:

Thurday, July 23rd:
8:00- 9:30pm
Green Lantern: first Flight Premiere
Ballroom 20

Friday, July 24th:
Green Lantern: First Flight Autograph Session
Warner Bros booth

GreenLantern: First Flight & Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Panel
Room 6BCF

And that's all the working I'll be doing there. Everything else is fun time!

Here's some more costumes that Diana wore during the Wonder Woman movie.

The first is her first outfit she wears on Themyscira.

The second is what she wears while doing guard duty in front of Ares' cell.

The third is her tournament outfit. Most of the amazons had different helmets and arm bands. We kept Diana's guard duty helmet and arm guards to show how quickly she had to disguise herself in order to enter the tournament on time, and also to differentiate her from the other tournament amazons.

The fourth is her hospital gown.

The fifth is the last dress she wears on Themyscira.

And the last is her final outfit of the movie that she wears in New York before she goes off to kick Cheetah's but.
Here are a few more of Hippolyta's outfits from the Wonder Woman animated movie.

The first is the dress she wears on the beach while first sculpting Diana from clay.

The second she wears during the tournament.

The third she wears in her final appearance in the movie as she sends Diana off to be the Themysciran emissary to the world.
These are a few of Artemis's extra oufits.

The first is her armor from the opening battle sequence.

The second is the outfit she wears during the tournament.

The third is her final outfit she wears on Themyscira while trying to enjoy reading.
Here are a couple extra outfits for Alexa. One of which never actually showed up in the movie. The first dress was what Alexa should have been wearing in her first appearance on Themyscira. But something happened and it was never used. So you'll notice that poor Alexa is the only main Amazon who never changes her dress once while on Themyscira. Poor stinky Alexa.
The second version is the Alexa zombie version. This is when she comes back from the dead. You'll notice she's not terribly decayed, because she's only been dead a few days.
These are the extra couple outfits for Persephone.
The first is her armor for the opening battle sequence.
The second is the dress she wears on the first day on Themyscira.
These are the few extra costumes and/ or characters from the Wonder Woman animated movie.

The first is Steve Trevor in his final outfit that he wears just before Diana leaves him behind to go off and fight Cheetah.

The second is Etta Candy.

The third is Cheetah.

The fourth is Ares in his prisoner attire.

The last is Hades.


Enzo Nicolini Oyarce said...

Hi, Lauren.
I`m a loyal chilean fan of WB animation since I saw BTAS for the first time in `92. First of all, let me say that I loved your WW movie, and I`m looking forward to GL. Also, I loved the art that you upload here.
One question, after Public Enemies is there any chance of movies based on more unknown comic characters whoose rights are owned by DC at the moment? Like, for example, Doc Savage?
Keep up that good work!!

Negronomicon said...

How come Hades looked so... out of character? Did the idea come from some incarnation of him that appealed to the writers?

Mr. Popular said...

Thanks for posting these. It's very interesting to see how you work.

wws1fan said...

OKAY...the drawings are GREAT!!! One problem though...the images of Diana don't get as big as the others do. Is there any way to get them to view bigger once you click on them? The same problem is with the Cheetah one. I think it's because they are so wide.


Lauren said...

Truthfully, there is very little chance of a lesser known character being the headliner of his/her own film. The sad fact is that Warner Home Video (not Warner Bros Animation, we'd LOVE to work on the unknown characters) doesn't think they can sell anything that doesn't have either Batman or Superman in it. And unfortunately, they were proven right, much to my dismay, with the unimpressive sales figures that Wonder Woman returned. So unless Green Lantern blows everyone out of the water with some insane sales, the best you we really hope for for the not so well known characters is a supporting role alongside Supes or Bats. It's sad...but true. I don't like this reality any more than you do, trust me.

Chris Battle said...

Wait-- so no DTV Wonder Twins? :(

Enzo Nicolini Oyarce said...

Very sad, indeed. I was really hoping that this was the opportunity for some old cool characters to have their 15 minutes of fame.

Well... at least I can keep my hopes of a Nightwing movie set un the BTAS universe. It should be easier to skip Batman in there. ;)

And thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.

Anonymous said...

Like Enzo, I would like to see more of the lesser known characters as well.

I think (in my opinion) that Warner Home Video do not market/promote the films enough. I cannot even remember if I saw advertising for it.

The information I found out about WW was either at the 2008 Comic-Con in NYC or through various blogs and word of mouth.

The WW DVD is the best out of the bunch of DCA Universe so far, and for the sales to be less than stellar is a shame.

I find it hard to believe that no one would pick up a WW DVD because they do not know the character. I find it easy to believe they would not buy it, if they do not know it is available.

Regardless. The WW DVD is great.

I look forward to more projects with the names of these creators attached.

James M

Andrew Murray said...

Hey Lauren,

I just wanted to comment on Wonder Woman, I didn't even know about the flick until I walked by it on the day it was released, and I bought it right on the spot. Loved it and since then I've convinced 3 other friends to buy it without evening showing it to them and they all love it, not to mention we follow your blog and look forward to the next project your involved in.

so even if WHV isnt impressed, I was blown away and also had my creative juice flowing. Thanks for the entertainment

trialsze said...

Wish I was going to SDCC. Hope you have and hope the Green Lantern movie is well received.

jonathan said...

That's too bad about Wonderwoman. I thought it was actually the best movie of the DCUOAM series. Although, I have to admit I didn't buy it either, but that's cuz I've never bought any DVD before, sorry. Last year's DC panel at Comic con was fun, so I'll definitely be there to see you and the DC panel again.

Bruno said...

I know you've probably been asked this a million times, but how do i go about getting my reel or my site to someone @ Warner bros animation who can set me up w/ a test or at least let me know what their looking for? also WW was a million times better than the animated New Frontier and i know this sounds bad but i didn't realize you were an animator until that last chapter of Avatar (Zuko's final battle w/his insane sister) your animation on that battle was Incredible!

wws1fan said...

I heard that the DVD was selling steadily compared to the other WDTV releases. They did NOTHING to market it. I few commercials here and there but other then that???? I lie, I did see her advertised on the back of comic books around the time it was released. It's a freakin shame since it was such a GREAT film!!! Maybe more people will go out and grab it if there is a snipit on the new GL release. Wonder Woman was WAY better then the previous releases...hands down! Wonder Woman rocked!!!! Thanks again for such a great production! I want to see more WONDER WOMAN! Throw Batman in or Superman...just make Wonder Woman the prominent character!! LOL A JLA movie would be GREAT!!!!

Enzo Nicolini Oyarce said...

Quoted from Jonah Hex director in the Jonah Hex panel from SDCC`09:

" I guess there is a new one Warner Brothers are making to go on some direct to video stuff, like a ten-minute thing that’s going to be coming up. Which I’m not too sure but I think it comes from one of the Jimmy Palmiotti books”

Just read that in CBR coverage of Comic-Con. Could that be true?

Andy Mangels said...

Lauren -

Have a WW invite for you but no way to email you.

Please contact me ASAP through the Wonder Woman Museum website.

Zen said...

That we may only see Batman / Superman projects distresses me after watching Wonder Woman this weekend. I loved it; one of my favourite movies this year. Not "animated movie," not "superhero movie," just "movie." I've been posting reviews where I can, to do my little bit to drum up support.

Aurorah Yarberry said...

Thanks for posting these, I'm an animation student in the studying in the UK and these really helped me on putting together model sheets for a film I'm working on as a junior animator. I hope to make the move out to LA in a year or so when I graduate so knowing there is work to be had out there for talented people who work hard gives me hope. Thanks a lot for the inspiration! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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