Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Lantern: First Flight

.....is now out in stores! Go buy yourself a copy. On Blu-ray, DVD, Two-disc Special Edition DVD..... whatever you want! Buy 2 of each. 3 of each. Buy, buy, buy! Because in this economy, we all have nothing better to spend our money on, right? RIGHT?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

SDCC, Green Lantern, and more Wonder Woman Stuff

Well it's about that time again. I'll be heading down with my boyfriend next Wednesday to take part in the sensory overload that is the San Diego Comic Con.

Here's a list of all that will be going down...at least on my schedule:

Thurday, July 23rd:
8:00- 9:30pm
Green Lantern: first Flight Premiere
Ballroom 20

Friday, July 24th:
Green Lantern: First Flight Autograph Session
Warner Bros booth

GreenLantern: First Flight & Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Panel
Room 6BCF

And that's all the working I'll be doing there. Everything else is fun time!

Here's some more costumes that Diana wore during the Wonder Woman movie.

The first is her first outfit she wears on Themyscira.

The second is what she wears while doing guard duty in front of Ares' cell.

The third is her tournament outfit. Most of the amazons had different helmets and arm bands. We kept Diana's guard duty helmet and arm guards to show how quickly she had to disguise herself in order to enter the tournament on time, and also to differentiate her from the other tournament amazons.

The fourth is her hospital gown.

The fifth is the last dress she wears on Themyscira.

And the last is her final outfit of the movie that she wears in New York before she goes off to kick Cheetah's but.
Here are a few more of Hippolyta's outfits from the Wonder Woman animated movie.

The first is the dress she wears on the beach while first sculpting Diana from clay.

The second she wears during the tournament.

The third she wears in her final appearance in the movie as she sends Diana off to be the Themysciran emissary to the world.
These are a few of Artemis's extra oufits.

The first is her armor from the opening battle sequence.

The second is the outfit she wears during the tournament.

The third is her final outfit she wears on Themyscira while trying to enjoy reading.
Here are a couple extra outfits for Alexa. One of which never actually showed up in the movie. The first dress was what Alexa should have been wearing in her first appearance on Themyscira. But something happened and it was never used. So you'll notice that poor Alexa is the only main Amazon who never changes her dress once while on Themyscira. Poor stinky Alexa.
The second version is the Alexa zombie version. This is when she comes back from the dead. You'll notice she's not terribly decayed, because she's only been dead a few days.
These are the extra couple outfits for Persephone.
The first is her armor for the opening battle sequence.
The second is the dress she wears on the first day on Themyscira.
These are the few extra costumes and/ or characters from the Wonder Woman animated movie.

The first is Steve Trevor in his final outfit that he wears just before Diana leaves him behind to go off and fight Cheetah.

The second is Etta Candy.

The third is Cheetah.

The fourth is Ares in his prisoner attire.

The last is Hades.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wonder Woman Turnarounds

Well, "Green Lantern: First Flight" is almost at it's release date, which can only mean one thing. I'm not sure what that thing is, but I think it may be that I've been totally lazy and have not yet put up any of my production artwork from Wonder Woman. So let's do that now:

For a better view go here.
These are all the turns I did for the Wonder Woman movie....except maybe Persephone whose body, I think, may have been done by Lynell Forestall. And then I slapped her head from my head turn on it. I think.

But anyway, looking at them now, there are a lot of things that make me cringe and a lot of things I would have done differently. But hell, it was my first time being PAID to character design and it was definitely an awesome learning experience. And thank goodness and character design flaws didn't show in the animation....

I guess I should say that this artwork is property of Warner Bros and not for reproduction or resale or whatever it is they say, blah blah blah, legal jargon.... THE END.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Little Mermaids

When I was but a wee lass, I happened across an animated version of The Little Mermaid playing on TV. Not the Disney one. This one stuck very closely to the original Hans Christian Anderson story. And I think it may have emotionally scarred me at a very young age. What an f'd up story to tell your kids.
Maybe this is why I love the disney version so much. Happy endings are always better.

So anyway, I recently rewatched it on youtube and it went a little something like this. The little mermaid gets turned into a human to get the prince to fall in love with her. If he doesn't, she'll turn to seafoam. Prince falls in love with a different girl who he thinks saved him. They get married. Little mermaid's sisters cut off their beautiful hair and give it to the sea witch. In return they are given a knife. Little mermaid needs to use that knife to kill the prince. When his blood spills over her feet, it'll turn back into a fin and she can be a mermaid again. Little Mermaid decides she loves the prince too much and cannot kill him. She turns into seafoam. Prince wakes up, sees a scale that the Little Mermaid left behind and realizes it was her all along who saved him.

So EVERYBODY IS SCREWED! Little mermaid is DEAD. Sisters cut off their hair for NOTHING! Prince is stuck with the OTHER girl. Depression ensues until I watch Disney's little mermaid and am happy again.

Even more screwed up, I remember the TV version I watched when I was young saying if the little mermaid stabbed the prince in the heart with the knife, he would fall in love with her instead of the woman he married. I also remember being totally confused how someone could get stabbed in the heart and potentially live through it. My guess is that this was the American censor way of making this movie suitable for airing on television. Good work television censors. Tell kids that stabbing people in the heart makes them like you MORE!

As an adult, I am able to appreciate the tragedy and irony of the original story a little more, but as a kid.....well, I wouldn't recommend showing it to kids.

Well anyway, since this Little Mermaid is by far my more favorite of the two, I figured I'd do an Ariel to go along with the series of her sisters that I did a while back. You can't have all the sisters without Ariel. :)