Friday, May 15, 2009

More GL Stuff

There's another interview floating around on the internet, but I won't post the whole thing here. Just a link this time.

Here's some more images.

Hal is ready!

Boodikka looks angry.

Hal in some Green light.

Happy aliens!!!

More to come later!


King M. Mugabi said...

Keep them coming, I can't wait for this film!


Emissary said...

I can't Wait either , Im a huge fan of yours!!!

Chris Battle said...

Man, that director goes on and on, huh?

Michael Nathan Winn said...

This is looking so cool. Can't wait for this! :)

I was finally able to purchase Wonder Woman recently and it was so much over the top awesomeness that I had to find the people who were involved in it. I can't believe that I've missed seeing this blog and your galleries for so long. Your work is inspirational and so helpful.

I know you've got ten million people or more tugging at your coat tails but since finishing art school in May '08 it's been a dream of mine to try and break into this field. I would love to send a portfolio and reel out to WB for their DC Comics DVD but I can never find any submission info on who to send something to or when. If you're willing, I'd love to get feedback from you and your thoughts.

Keep the posts coming. :)

BROCASSO said...

You've already got a fan of your films in me, this one already pre ordered. I'm a board artist first and foremost and love the art form. So when are you going to bless the site with more of those awesome line drawings or excellent boards i know you got gillion of them just siting around saying "scan me".