Friday, May 15, 2009

More GL Stuff

There's another interview floating around on the internet, but I won't post the whole thing here. Just a link this time.

Here's some more images.

Hal is ready!

Boodikka looks angry.

Hal in some Green light.

Happy aliens!!!

More to come later!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Green Lantern Pimping Begins

So they've released an interview with Victor Garber about voicing Sinestro and have included some images. Let's take a look:
Here's the cover for the one disc edition of the Green Lantern DVD. This was drawn by Jose Lopez, our character designer for the project, and colored by Hye-jung Kim, our color stylist. My only contribution to this image was Hal's right foot. Apparently someone somewhere on the home video side of things had a problem with it not being there, (it was implied that it would be behind Hal's body, therefore not visible to the eye) and HAD to have it drawn in so they could sleep at night. So, yeah. I really didn't touch this cover, which is probably why it looks so nice.

Boodikka, Sinestro, Kilogow, and Tomar Re.

Sinestro and Hal.

Sinestro giving Hal the CRAZY eye.

Sinestro shooting his Green energy.