Thursday, March 12, 2009

Recent work?

Well, not all that recent. But probably my most recent POSTABLE stuff. As in, I'm not under contract by Warner Bros to not post stuff regarding future projects etc..... suck.

This is a commission I did for an Avatar fan. It's based off a preliminary design for a piece of press art I did back in my Avatar days. You can probably find the rough somewhere in the older posts. But if you're like me, you're lazy and you don't care.

Apparently I did this at the end of January. Hmmmmmm.....

Do you ever feel like your drawing skills have regressed? .... I do...... sometimes.



Anonymous said...

Even if you feel that way I would kill for half your talent.

It is talent isn't it? as you constantly stress you laziness, so it can't be hard work that got you where you are today LOL

Jonathan Moulton said...

I don't know if I would say your skill has regressed. This sketch looks better than some of the things I remember you drawing in school. Then again, I'm not an artist, so what do I know.

Jason Pruett said...

that sketch has a lot of energy in it

Sam said...

My drawing skills have regressed so badly it's probably now at 6th grade level. That's why I like to paint now. :P

Stephanie R. said...

Its hard to say my drawing skills have regressed when I don't think they've really progressed... :\

But it does sadden me that I used to draw everyday for fun when I was younger, and now drawing is more like work. I miss not stressing out wondering if I'm good or not and just drawing for the hell of it.

But, yeah, I think you're stuff looks great, so you have nothing to worry about ;)

Andrew Murray said...

really really awesome stuff.
love your drawings.

*jo said...

i think you've got a lot of talent! we all have off days, right??

question for you: is your artwork available for sale anywhere?? (i love your drawings of ariel's sisters)

Lauren said...

Not officially, as in I don't have a personal art dealer. But if you post your email, I can get in contact with you and spot you some prices. I have sold some of my originals before.

Calvin said...

Yey awesome sketches!

Anonymous said...

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