Monday, March 02, 2009

March 3rd! Wonder Woman Hits Shelves!

Today is the day! March 3rd! Wonder Woman is ready to be purchased at your local DVD and/or Blu-ray disc distributor. Go now! Buy! Watch! Enjoy!

Please! I want to make more girl superhero movies. And that will NEVER happen unless Wonder Woman sells in good numbers! Show DC and Warner Home Video that you like seeing girls kick ass too!


Andy Cung said...

Will pick up tomorrow! :)

Thank you for your hard work and everyone behind it!

Looking forward to Green Lantern!

potato farm girl said...

Saw the trailer on Adult Swim last night, looks very bad ass!
I will make sure all my friends buy a copy. I'm tired of hearing no one will watch cartoons with a female lead. People aren't watching them because there aren't any! Yay for Wonder Woman!

Jim McClain said...

I'm on it, Lauren. And I'd love to see you do a Birds of Prey DVD!

Skylark- said...
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Sam said...

My copy is coming today from Amazon! Very good reviews across the board for this!

da criminal said...

Hey- gonna go pick this up for my daughters who are 3 and 5 and introduce them to a very cool female superhero! Thanks for making it and giving my kids great female role models!


O Maiquinho said...

i just read your interview on AWN. congrats! if i buy a copy, will you autograph it for me. ;P

it's definitely gonna be bought and enjoyed. Congrats!!

Sam said...

Just finished watching this. Wow! That. Was. Awesome! Loved the ending...I didn't want it to end.
The DVD is #33 on Amazon's best seller list!

Brian Sydnor said...

The movie was awesome. You should have nothing to worry about. Thanks for visiting SF for the con btw.

P.S. I ran into Bruce Timm in the exhibit hall on Saturday, but he didn't respond when I said hi. It later occurred to me that he may not have wanted to be found. Fair enough lol.

Jim McClain said...


I really loved your movie. That said, I am disappointed that my child won't get to see it for many years. She's almost three and we watch Spectacular Spider-Man together almost every night--at her request. How much fun would it have been to watch an animated Wonder Woman together to get her interested in female superheroes with whom she could identify? Your movie, however, is not something I would feel comfortable sharing with her for a very, very long time. That's unfortunate, though I'm sure the tone was not your doing. I could live with the violence level of Justice League, but slashings, impalements, and beheadings are just not going to make it with most parents who are looking for entertainment for their pre-teen children. I loved the movie you made, but I wish you had made a different one.

jonnadon said...

got the movie yesterday

Javas said...

great news!!

Lauren said...

Sorry for your disappointment Jim, but these movies are made to be PG thirteen, so no pre-teens should be watching them. It was definitely supposed to be a step above Justice League which is made for TV and therefore has to fit in with BS&P standards for Television ratings. But we are expected and required to make PG-13 content in these movies to please the clients we produce these movies for.

Of course I'll sign your copy! You know where to find me.

Da criminal: Please view it before showing it to your 3 and 5 year old daughters.... it does have a PG-13 rating.

Brian: Yes. Bruce tries to blend in with the crowd. I can't blame him. Nobody wants to be stampeded at the Comic Con

Djordje Zutkovic said...

Just watched Wonder Woman, Fantastic movie! Very nice work Lauren! Quality animated films like this are hard to come by. Keep making these beautiful films! Awesome work!!


Djordje Zutkovic said...

Forgot to mention, really like the way your art style came through in the movie! Would love to see more movies in this style!!!


pxlt said...

Not sure if you saw yet, Lauren, AfterEllen has a review up. The author is NOT a fan of animated movies but enjoyed and recommends yours.

Ted the Awesome said...

Hi Lauren!

I just wanted to say congratulations on the work you have done in giving Wonder Woman her first solo outing in 30 years (Outside comic books of course). And rest assured for I have purchased the 2-Disc set edition and I hope the overall sales add up so you can bring us more stories dedicated to female heroines!

And while the reviewer may not be a fan of animation, she does bring up some important points on the portrayal of the 'geneder' issue. I won't get into them here, but I think it's worth a look, cause this is Wonder Woman!

But if I must ask something of you here, it's this. Was the ™ logo totally necessary on the Wonder Woman title screen in the movie itself? I'm kind of at a loss, because most movies I've seen don't even have that. Is this a Direct-To-Video element?

Andrew Murray said...

hey Lauren,

just got the DVD today, Suhweeeet! Im about to watch it for a second time within 2 hours.



Lauren said...

Sorry Ted, it's out of our hands. Apparently it is a requirement...some sort of legal jargon thing. We actually had to redo the Title card to ADD the tm. We had left it out the first time and got a specific note from the legal people to put it in there. I'm not sure why it's necessary, but it is. I'd have rather not had it, but sadly, it isn't my call.

Allen Crosse said...

I fully admit: until tonight, I was unfamiliar with your work. Now, I absolutely can't get enough of it.

I so can't get enough of it that I Googled you and stumbled upon this blog.

Thirty-five seconds later - I kid you not, thirty-five seconds exactly - I'm staring at my computer screen, slack-jawed, gawking, and (loudly) orating the following interrogative and exclamatory statements:

"You draw, you direct, AND you're only twenty-eight?!

"Dear God - you are, like, the ULTIMATE woman!"

I'm a year older than you, and, someday, you might hear about me - I hold two worthless master's degrees and am currently hard at work trying to get my Webcomic off the ground. But that's not important right now. What's important is: you, Ms. Montgomery, are freaking sweet.

Three questions:

1) Your drawings kick ass so hard! (Okay - not a question. But it needed to be said anyway.)

2) Just how many marriage proposals do you get per year? (Fiscal and/or calendar. Any twelve-month cycle will do.)

3) Will you add me to that list?


Ted the Awesome said...

@ Lauren

Thanks for the response Lauren. I figured it'd be something like that. Sorry to hear it was out of your control. Legal people just have no patience nor taste for true cinema. It's not like the ™ couldn't come in the ending credits where all that jargon belongs.

Shane Pierce said...

bought it - me and my wife loved it! Thanks! great story and art!

Ty Carter said...

Awesome Work!

Gene said...

Hello Lauren,

I bought it the day it came out and I really enjoyed it. The dialogue was well done with Steve Trevor delivering some of the best lines. I hope the movie is successful enough to warrant a sequel.

Another female superhero I hope you get a chance to do justice with is SUPERGIRL. I'm sure you could make an awesome movie with her.

Many thanks to you and everyone else who made this excellent Wonder Woman movie possible!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren

On the special feature, look at
wonder woman where they talk about making the movie and wonder woman in general, and they feature various storyboard clips, I was wondering which ones are yours?

jereboamjump said...


I know you don't know me but I frequent your site often. I wanted to say that in my opinion the Wonder Woman movie is by far the best that Warner Bros. has produced!!! You guys did an awesome job and I look forward to seeing the next movie you direct!! Keep up the great work!


Randy said...

Definitely a good show! I could have done without some of the crasser jokes, but all-in-all, really well done. I totally didn't see the ending coming. I'll avoid spoilers for those that haven't seen it, but the ending wrap-up was great. A really nice bow on top of an already enjoyable film.



Tabish said...

Hi there, I'm a new fan of your work. Saw wonder woman just hours ago and thought it was very well done. Better than any DC cartoon animation movie yet. I had to find and congratulate the people involved and there you were.

I'm trying to understand, what exactly does a director of animated movie does? Would it be similar to a director of a real motion picture?

Have a good one.

Sam said...

Hey Lauren -
What would be the chances of a book "The Art of Wonder Woman/DVD"? Or of any other WB DVD movie? Maybe along the lines of the "Batman: Animated" book? 'Cause that would be quite a fix for an art junkie like me.
Just thought I'd put it out there.

wws1fan said...

Sam----I'm SO with you on that!!! I LOVE animation, especially old school animation with drawings and cels.... I'd LOVE to see a bok of animations stills and background information featuring the process of making this WONDER WOMAN feature! That would be a dream come true! Lauren is amazing! Did you see her sketch on A 5 minute sketch looks great to me! Check out too!!

Calvin Li said...

Just got my copy today, definitely worth it. I wish that the Justice League was based on this setting, although it is a little more darker due to the PG-13 rating, but the animation, art, music, story and development of the entire movie was well done and I commend Lauren for doing an awesome job directing it. Not to mention your storyboards always "Kick ass."

I really hope you can continue this, DC needs to note more female superheroes other than just Wonder Woman. Female superheroes who don't branch off their originals *cough* Batgirl and Supergirl.

Marcos Gp said...


Edward Nigma said...

I'm waiting for my DVD from US (live in France, no releases of the DCAU). Thanks for the french subtitles, by the way ! :)

John G. Brenner said...

Good times.

Edward Nigma said...

Great great great great !

Waiton Fong said...

Hi Lauren

You don't know me but I've also been an occasional visitor to your blog.

Let me say that I am most impressed by your humility! You are the director of Wonder Woman, and all along you don't show an ounce of arrogance or even directly say that you directed it... it took that interview for me to "click" and think, "oh my!"

So I just wanted to say I really appreciate your work and enjoyed the Wonder Woman movie immensely. I actually like the fact that it is PG-13 and wasn't watered down as the character does deal with a lot of issues regarding gender rights, war and death :)

Excellent work! ... and I'll keep catching your blog :)


Hi Lauren!!

Im from Mexico and i just got my Dvd of Wonder Woman and i have to say is the best animated movie from DC.

You did an amazing job!

I loved the movie, the animation, the Wonder woman design and all!!

Congrats and keep doing that amazing job.


Anonymous said...

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David Burton said...

I just got this (I know, late, sorry), but I have to say it's INCREDIBLE! I loved the story and the pacing is great. Nice actions scenes. Wished it was longer. I'm hoping that you get to do a sequel. My only complaint: The invisible jet is lame and almost ruined the whole film for me. Please lose it and bring back her ability to fly :)

Gary Eakin said...

The movie was fantastic I just loved it awesome story great Art I hope you make another one

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