Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Avatar Storyboards

I've been asked in the past to post up some of my storyboards, and I just recently put aside my laziness to actually do that.

So, here's a section of storyboards I did during my time on Avatar: The Last Airbender. All this stuff belongs to Nickelodeon of course. As you can see, my drawings in this storyboard are far from on model, but then my drawings are never really on model. That's why I'm not an animator, I'm a storyboard artist.

While working on Avatar, we were required to do very thorough storyboards with all levels separated so they could build a very tight animatic. That is the reason there are so many pieces of single shots stretched out over multiple panels.


Kristina Bustamante said...

Saw these on DA. Glad to see that the last two pages are a decent size for viewing. Beautiful work!

Mel Celestial said...

Wow! Even as roughs they already look like keyframes! I especially love their poses <3

Stephanie R. said...

These are awesome! I love how expressive this scene is. Great work!

Anonymous said...

I knew, just knew you were the one who did crazy Azula. I loved every minute of it.

Do you have any boards from the throne room scene involving the twins?

Lauren said...

I do, but that requires more scanning. Maybe later I'll put those up.

Quini said...

hey, avatar, con lo q me gusta esa serie a mi, tanto de historia, como de dibujos como de todo, esa serie me mola tela, estuve muchisimo tiempo enganchado.

Jonathan Moulton said...

Hey Lauren. I didn't even know you worked on Avatar. These look great. I only watched the last 2 seasons.Was that when you worked on it?

Djordje Zutkovic said...

Really nice work! I love how much emotion you have in there. What other sections did you work on for the 4 part Sozen's comet finale? Its a real treat to see your work.

wwsifan said...

WOW!! These are amazing!!! Don't knock yourself as an artist and say I only do storyboards...these are great!! You capture the character perfectly!!! Still would like to see Wonder Woman story boards though!

E-mann said...

I knew you did this sequence. the animation studio totally drew it in your style. Great expression, Something you don't usually see in TV animation.

Brian S. said...

...jeeeeeez...these totally look like cleaned up keyframes. *sigh* It's gonna be a while before I'm a strong enough draftsman for action cartoons...

Lauren said...

Jonathan: I worked on Avatar for the second half of the last season. I believe I started on the episode with Hama, the blood bender.

Djordje: I worked on the Azula banishing one of her servants scene, the Azula banishing one of the twins scene, this scene, Sokka, Toph and Suki arriving at the island and boarding the airship, Toph taking out the crew of the airship, and Azula almost being crowned then beginning her face off against Zuko and Katara. I think that's it.....

wws1fan: I most likely will put up a portion of Wonder Woman storyboards at some pint, though they aren't quite as clean as these.

Brian S: Not to worry. These happen to be some extremely clean boards mostly because I REALLY enjoyed doing this sequence and wanted it to look extra nice. Most people don't draw storyboards this clean. Even I don't usually draw storyboards anywhere near this clean.

King M. Mugabi said...

Great blog Lauren,

Having just viewed the Wonder Woman film I looked into the people involved and from there i followed the long and mysterious trail of you work to find your blog.

your such an inspiration, and that's the truth, your story(at least what's written about you)

that being said, superman doomsday was alright, had it's moments, powerful boards non the less.

anyone involved in avatar from a story stand point, is a friend of mine.

Wonder Woman was a great surprise, Nathans lines and delivery were perfect and very him, why no lucy lawless though?
Who needs the live action version, your movie was fantastic.
and now i see the movie was drawn in a similar style to yours...

It's so good to see a boarder making it so far in the business.

I have to ask though, do you have a non public contact you can be reached at? i have a few inquires and feedback i would appreciate greatly if you could take the time away from being a big shot LA Director lol.
(you're non findable at the wb site)

King Mugabi

Lauren said...

You can post your email and I will get in contact with you.

King M. Mugabi said...


wws1fan said...

Hey Lauren. I know I asked you this before about storyboards and production art, and now since we have a taste of the "behind the scenes work" from the Borders Exclusive DVD, will we ever see a bigger volume featuring your amazing artwork and storyboards from the Wonder Woman production?

Also, as you know I have this cool website going with original production work of Wonder Woman ( wondersinart.com). Would you be willing to part with any of your original art/storyboards so I can own and share a piece of this animation movies history? I'd LOVE nothing more then to own some original work from this (hopefully NOT) once in a lifetime production!!! PLEASE let me know. I'd be so greatful and honored. Thank you! E


P.S. Some one came over this weekend who doesn't know much about animation and the sort and seen the autographed movie card with your signature on it and she thought it was the coolest thing that I got to meet the people behind this film. She knows how much I'm into Wonder Woman and production material. (She really didn't know until then which was pretty funny!) NOW she knows why I keep asking for the stripper we're getting for a friends Jack and Jill Shower to be dressed as Wonder Woman!!

Anonymous said...

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