Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Final Pre-Release Post for Wonder Woman!

This is the latest onslaught of images I've found floating around online in regards to Wonder Woman, and probably the last post before the release date of MARCH 3rd! We're setting off for San Francisco Wonder Con on Friday to attend the West Coast premiere of Wonder Woman, and if it goes over even half as well as it did in NY, I'll be happy. If you can make it, come watch with us! If not, please purchase the DVD and support these movies. Without your support, they will not get made....and I'll be unemployed. :( I don't want to be unemployed....

Hippolyta facing off against Eris... who is a FEMALE demon creature. Not a DUDE!

Hippolyta subdued by Ares...temporarily.

Diana Vs. Steve.

Hippolyta is unsure of the badly drawn Diana imposter behind her.

A happy Steve is a drunk Steve.

Diana kicks goblin guy's face in!

The Amazons prepare for war.

Wonder Woman comin' at ya!

If you scroll down fast enough.... it animates?

Here's the special 2-disc artwork. It was my job to draw this slightly awkward Wonder Woman pose to look more like the animated version than the comic book version reference I was given. The background was cobbled together from bits and pieces of the many different BG keys our BG guys drew for this movie. I did not handle the coloring...which is why the boob on the left is incorrectly colored gold instead of red.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Even More Wonder Woman

Very soon, I will be flying out to New York to attend the east coast premiere of Wonder Woman at the New York Comic Con. If you are going to be there as well, please come by and attend the screening. It's on Friday night...in a room...somewhere.

I really like how the movie came out and hopefully you will to. And if you don't, keep it to yourself because I don't really want to hear it, you big jerk.

So here's some more images! Woohoo!
Steve Trevor being a pilot.

Steve Trevor kicking or something.

Steve getting the stink-eye from Queen Hippolyta, Artemis, and co.


More Persephone.

The End!