Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SDCC '08 is coming!

So I've had a few people have asked me about my activities at this years comic con so here's all the answers at once:

-I will be attending.

-I will not however, be sitting at any booth (except for one hour from 3:30-4:30 when I'll be signing autographs after the DC panel). Not sure where the signing is, I'm guessing Warner Bros booth or DC booth.

-I will not be sketching, being that I will have nowhere to sketch. Nor will I have anything new to sell, like sketchbooks or prints. But, as always, I do take commissions.

So in summary, this year I'm just gonna have fun walking around, except Saturday when I have to do work stuff like panels and signings.

Now on to the fun stuff:
This is a piece I did for the upcoming SDCC 2008. It was done as a favor to some fellow artists, whom I respect very much, as an extra splash page type image to go in a compilation book they are doing, though I don't know if I'm supposed to say what it is, so I won't. But anyway, it was a lot of fun to do and was mostly done in the hours after work on my office cintiq. Now I have a cintiq of my very own, so I can actually go home and work! Hooray!

Not really sure why it looks so chalky and odd in this smaller version, but oh well. If you don't like it....you can suck it.

This is my contribution to the Street Fighter Tribute Book that is being sold online and at this years SDCC.

This here piece of artwork, though simple in appearance, was especially hard for me. The deadline was quick, I really don't know too much about the individual characters of street fighter, and at the time I was doing this, I was suffering from my worst case of artist's block in years. It was taking me way too long to figure out who I wanted to draw for this, and I kept trying to do way too ambitious compositions with way too many characters while knowing full well that I wouldn't have the time outside of work to draw and color a piece like that well enough to want it to be published in any book that a large audience would see.

SO, I started by looking through my Capcom artbook and picking out one of the less popular characters. I figured everyone else would be doing Ryu, Ken and Chun Li. I picked this Karin, girl. I was just an added bonus that she was Sakura's rival....and I don't much like Sakura. No real reason why, I just don't. So I made Karin beating the snot out of Sakura in a schoolyard fight.

My pretty little boy toy did me a huge favor by coloring it for me, and the background kids were a last minute addition after I was unhappy with my overall composition. So, if you're still reading after all that, I hope you like it. If you don't..... you can suck it.

So those are the only two artworks of mine for sale at Comic con this year. There will also be a huge Wonder Woman bag being handed out at the Warner Bros booth that I drew and Bruce Timm inked. They're BIG. You can make a sleeping bag out of it. But you don't have to pay for those, you just have to wait in a line.

The End

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wonder Woman Artwork

Hooray! It's finally been released so now I can put something I've done for Wonder Woman up on my darn blog after working on it for almost a year and not being able to post a single thing! Of course I can't take all the credit for this image. I really only drew Wonder Woman and filled in the paint colors. The color styling was done by our awesome color stylist, Craig...I know I'm gonna spell his last name wrong so I'm not even gonna bother. And the awesome sky background was done by one of our amazingly talented BG painters, Wei Zhao. Wonder Woman was designed by Bruce and I, the logo was done by...someone at DC? Etc., etc., etc. The image was orignally done as an art piece for the lobby of our building, but since the release of the sneak peek material for Wonder Woman on the Batman: Gotham Knight DVD, I've seen this image all over the internet as press art....
This is the version that will be distributed at Comic Con on little signable cards for our signing after the DC Universe DVD panel on Saturday....
...And this was the original concept art that I did for the piece.
It's nice to have something to post again! :)