Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day of Black Sun- Avatar Press Art

Sorry about the wait. I've been so swamped at work lately that I didn't even notice this episode had already aired. To be completely honest, I just plain forgot about posting this in general, until I was reminded by a fellow deviant artist. So Kudos to you Silentjosh847!

Anyway, I was commissioned by the wonderful people at Nickelodeon to do this piece of press art for the big two part battle taking place right in the middle of the 3rd season entitled The Day of Black Sun.

As usual, I did the 3 preliminary designs, one was approved and moved forward with. In this case it ended up being more like 5 preliminary designs simply because my fickle mind couldn't settle on one specific layout for a couple of the ideas.

Then a final pencil version is done. I was obviously a bit rusty at drawing the characters at this pont because none of them look quite right. Many thanks to Bryan Konietzko for putting them back on model for me.

Then the colored version. I did two different backgrounds for this one because I wasn't quite sure whether I liked the full eclipse or the partial eclipse better.

After all that, the very kind and talented Bryan Konietzko went over the painted version and sweetened the whole thing with subtle tweaks that really made the final piece look 20 jabillion times better than I ever could have done. And that's the final version you see at the top. Thanks for making me look good Bryan!

Hope you guys like it!