Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yagami Team

Too bad he's too gay to even appreciate this. . . Not that there's anything wrong with that. They're just more of shopping friends than anything else. That's how they managed to pick out matching outfits.


roque said...

I noticed this time around you didn't rag on your coloring. That's because it's awesome! Love it!

Skylark- said...

Phat! Cool color scheme -

I want to hold your little hand
If I can be so bold
And be your right hand man
'til your hands get old
And then when all the feeling's gone
Just decide if you want to keep holding on
I want to hold your little hand
If I can be so bold
If I can be so bold
If I can be so bold

White Stripes

Michael Pfeffer said...

Vice and Mature are all sorts of gay too.

Only thing that could have made this gayer would be an Ash sighting.

The 3 color scheme is really nice too. *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

Is Yagami gay? I think he was maybe modelled after David Bowie - like his Ziggy Stardust character - he looks gay because that was the mid-70's glam-rock fashion, which was an adrogenous, bi, theatrical look...

Black Jack Shellac

Lauren said...

Roque: Thanks, but I ragged on my coloring on my deviant art account. Nothings get by me unscathed.

Anonymous: I believe you. It was more of a joke than a statement of fact. I guess by today's standards he would be Emo instead of gay.

PyroCowboy said...

I just wanted to say you have a very unique style, I dig it. I was wondering if I could talk to you about a few things as a want to be artist if you don't mind dropping me a line at

I'd greatly appreciate it, if not I understand that you're most likely super busy.

Lauren said...

Sorry pyro cowboy. Any email I send keeps getting shot back at me. Check to see if the email address is correct.

Urban Barbarian said...

This time you've gone too far! Great drawing and great coloring! System overload here!

Mokuu said...

Now the ironic part in all of this is that Yagami goes berzerk at a point in that year and kills both his partners for the entire serie, gotta love not being able to control your ancestorial powers.