Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sailor Scouts

Fact: I hate crowd scenes.

Fact: I like group shots.

Go figure.

Pluto's leaning dangerously to her left there. Guess she had a little too much of that Moon Kingdom booze.

Well, I guess I actually have to do the work I've been putting off now.


Elaine R said...

woah! that's some fancy color work. and what amazes me most is that you did this while doing freelance AND playing video games at the same time. 3 at once... i saw it happen.

Elaine R said...

ooh AND playing catch with your dog. 4 things at once. probably eating popcorn too... 5!!!

Skylark- said...
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Skylark- said...

Group shots - that's a Montgomeryism - Very nice - the color has a cool look - (Great Neptune's Trident! Foreground + background + color = a lot of work)

Say, its only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believed in me

Yes, it's only a canvas sky
Hanging over a muslin tree
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believed in me

UrbanBarbarian said...

Damn! Great stuff! Hard angles and you just made it look easy!


Chris Battle said...

Looks like the coolest lunchbox art I've ever seen!

Kristina Bustamante said...

Truly an artwork as honorable as fighting evil by moonlight.

potato farm girl said...

Colors good! That background looks like it was taken directly from the show, hooray for the moon!

Johnny B said...

Yeah, that Moon Kingdom hooch is stern stuff indeed...

Mellon said...

i literally said "oh $hi!" very loud when i saw this.

very cool.

-mellon said...

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