Monday, July 23, 2007


So this will probably be my last post until at least a week from now. I guess it's not really that long of a break. The reason being, of course, the upcoming San Diego trip to the Comic Con. I'll be leaving Wednesday, staying there a long, humid, stinky five days, and returning Sunday. That's right folks, ALL FIVE DAYS.
If you're there early, drop by and see the Thursday night premiere of the Superman: Doomsday animated DVD I helped out on. It"s pretty darn good.
Feel free to drop by the Black Velvet Studios table in the small press area and buy some stuff from them. I'll be helping out occasionally throughout the con. I might even try to sell some of the crappy original art pieces you see here on this blog. By original I mean drawn by me, not copyrighted by me.
Or if you really want to burn some money, you can ask for a commission. But you better be loaded, cuz they don't come cheap. It takes a lot of money to get me to stop being lazy.
So, for anyone going to the con, have yourself a good, safe, deoderant-wearing, non-stinkified time. For all those who can't afford to or have no interest in going, have yourself a good, clean, comfortable, non crowd infested time.
That's all for now.


ANX said...

I have so much love for you right now. Tenchi was and to day is my favorite series. You captured everyone so wonderfully here.



another fav anime


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Brian said...

Wow - really awesome illustration. I've been comin to your site a while and love seeing your illos.

Have fun at the con!

UrbanBarbarian said...

great characters and sense of depth... Too much talent for one person. Break some off and send it my way!

Chris Battle said...


HAH! You're a dreamer, Montgomery.

Elaine R said...

they should hand out deoderant in those welcome bags! seriously! i'm thinking of some good dumb questions to ask for can pay me not to ask them though... but you better be loaded cause keeping me quiet doesn't come cheap :p

Lauren said...

How dare you Elaine R. Try to balckmail me... I know where you sleep at night.

Elaine R said...

be nice or magnum is going to have lots of blog drawings to play with! before i chase him more!!! MuHA HA HAAAaaa

adrian said...

O.K. So not only do I love the artwork but Damn you make me laugh!!!!!!


sorry i didn't get to see ya lauen

maybe next year

keep up the non-suckyness :)

Yorokobi said...

That is a GREAT scene for TM!! Everyone is in character ^_^

Even Washu off ignoring it all... hehe