Thursday, July 05, 2007


I was watching the first season of Powerpuff on DVD the other day and I sketched down a crappy little Sedusa on a post-it.
Then I came across a fancy little photoshop brush on Justin Ridge's blog which he actually got from another guy whose name I don't remember's blog. It's called the stumpy pencil.
Put them both together and you get this! I used the stumpy pencil for the subtle grainy look on the shaded areas and around the white heart border, though it's kinda hard to tell looking at low res version. It was pretty fun to use if I might say so myself.


Skylark- said...

banish the black, burn the blue, and bury the beige! From now on

Think pink! think pink! when you shop for summer clothes.
Think pink! think pink! if you want that quel-que chose.
Red is dead, blue is through,
Green's obscene, brown's taboo.
And there is not the slightest excuse for plum or puce
—or chartreuse.
Think pink! forget that Dior says black and rust.
Think pink! who cares if the new look has no bust.
Now, I wouldn't presume to tell a woman
what a woman oughtta think,
But tell her if she's gotta think: think pink—!

—for bags! pink for shoes!
Razzle, dazzle and spread the news!
And pink's for the lady with joie de vive!
Pinks for all the family.
Try pink shampoo.
Pink toothpaste too.
Play in pink, all day in pink,
Pretty gay in pink.
Drive in pink, come alive in pink,
Have a dive in pink.
Go out dancing but just remember one thing:
You can get a little wink
If you got a little pink
In your swing.

Think pink! think pink, it's the latest word, you know.
Think pink! think pink and you're Michelangelo.

Feels so gay, feels so bright.
Makes you day, makes you night.
Pink is now the colour to which

Think pink! think pink on the long, long road ahead.

...think pink and the world is rosey-red

Everything on the great horizon,
Everything that you can think—
and that includes the kitchen sink,
Think pink!

Chris Battle said...

Yay for PPG fan art! ;)

Kristina Bustamante said...

This looks like a disturbing Valentine's Day card. Perfect if your valentine happens to be a villain. Or maybe someone who is reeeeeaaaaally afraid of love, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

SalBa Combé said...

Really nice, but, about that you were thinking to remember Sedusa?
... For when a Mojo Jojo?

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