Monday, July 30, 2007


San Diego was fun! Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table to say hi. It was great meeting you!

The Superman: Doomsday screening went off without a hitch and I don't think I made a COMPLETE idiot of myself at the panel afterwards. The fans seemed to receive it positively, well... except for the ones that accused me of breaking up the voice cast family by not keeping the same Superman voices as were in the previous Superman animations. That's right, I'm talking to you fan who stopped me outside of the convention bathrooms!

Heck, we even sold a few more copies of the year-old sketchbook I did with my friend, Eric Canete.

I bought a few books, got a few freebies, saw a few good costumes, saw a lot of bad costumes, and smelled a plethora of stinky people. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience.

So in honor of Comic-con 07, here's a cramped JLA collage featuring Aquaman, front and center of course. Hope everyone else's convention experience was pleasant if you were in attendance.


spleenal said...

Oh wow a girl who's good at drawing!
Now I've seen everything.

Only joking.

Or am I?
Seriously though I love your style,and wish was this good

Skylark- said...

Congrats on a successful con! Hey that's a crackin' JLA shot - and despite hanging out with fish, Aquaman doesn't stink - he's an Aqua Velva man (Bad joke, sorry - seriously though, Aqua Velva, that's some good smelling after shave...)

jason quinones said...

holy crappolla aquaman!

this is all kinds of awesome!

really nice line work,and composition!

could we see it in color???

potato farm girl said...

Yay! I missed the booth, 'cause I suck. And I hate stupid nerd fanboys. Did he think you animated the whole thing too? I saw Aquaman there. He was hanging out with wannabe zombies. He wasn't as cool as he is here. He's pretty cool in this drawing.

Lauren said...

I too saw a very sad Aquaman. The type that threw the crappiest costume together before going to the con. He had a PVC pipe trident spray painted gold. I give him a C- for effort.







potato farm girl said...
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potato farm girl said...

The one I saw had birkenstocks.
Here he is!

Nelson C. Woodstock said...

You looked like a `tard up there, Lauren.

I kid. Awesome movie. You probably had the toughest job of all the directors on it. Some guy sitting behind me was blubbering during the sequence. Don Corleone should've delivered his famous quote and slapped the guy.

Nahrin said...

OMG you were selling a sketchbook? Dang I should have gotten one on Saturday.

Elaine R said...


Brian Growe said...

Awesome work as always Miss Lauren, and great to meet you and have you critique my drawings! Thanks a lot!

Lauren said...

Aquaman with Birkenstocks. Utterly awesome.
If DC offered me a comic book, I wouild not accept, unless they asked me to only do the covers. I'm not terribly experienced with comics, and though I like some of the characters, I rarely read any comics these days. And I don't much enjoy drawing burly men in spandex. And there's always next year. You don't need to feel bad.
I did look like a tard up there. I know. But I'm glad you liked the movie. And I'm sorry if you had to wait in that ridiculous line to get in.
It was great meeting you too. Sorry I didn't get to drop by your booth. I swear I looked for it. But I'm a bit of a tard that doesn't know how to read. Keep up the good work! Until next time.
Go get me some apple juice.

Nelson C. Woodstock said...


Well, the point is I saw it, and my bestest of friends didn't. Ha.

Yeah the line sucked. I honestly didn't think 4000+ people would care about an animated Superman direct-to-video movie. Or Futurama on Saturday. They sure showed me.

Also, "And I don't much enjoy drawing burly men in spandex." So if you don't mind me asking, why the involvement in Superman?


cry cry sob sob

that "aqua velva man" joke is too much :)

well howabout an all girl book like birds of prey?

i'd think you'd do a great job!

Lauren said...

I have many times had to draw men in spandex, but only in storyboard form, which means, the drawings don't have to be good and no one but the people who work with me are going to see them. If I had to draw good drawings of men in spandex that would be released in comic book form and viewed by many many people, it would be a lot harder.

An all girl comic is more like it, but I still don't much like the idea of drawing comics at all. I've never had to draw anything in a comic format and I don't know how easily I would take to it. My mind isn't yet programmed to work that way.

Nelson C. Woodstock said...

Hmm. Warner Bros. must storyboard a lot differently than I have. So far any storyboards I've worked on or attempted for, I've had to draw them exactly how they would look on screen. So if one of those boards called for a DCAU-style Superman cameo, the artist would have to draw an extremely accurate Superman. The shows made at Fox Television Animation are like that.

Lauren said...

Yes. I've heard about those Fox shows. I will never work on those Fox shows cuz I can't draw a damn thing on model.

Kevin Barber said...

Great work. Can't believe i missed your table. LOOOOVE your Avatar. Don't change it.

Sarah Satrun said...

very cool! i really like Superman's attitude here.