Thursday, April 19, 2007


A long long long long long long time ago, around the time I was drawing a lot of avatar stuff, somebody asked me to draw Jet. I never did, that is, until now. So hopefully that person is happy now. Unless they stopped looking at this blog a long long long long time ago when I didn't draw Jet. Oh well.



I wish I watched more cartoons so that I'd know who these characters are. But since I don't (because I'm dumb) I'll just have to compliment you on how well this image is drawn. My favorite? It's a tie: either the kid with the funny hat sitting on the big guy's shoulders or the other kid with the funny hat that looks like he's smelled asparagus cooking.

Great job.

Chris Sims said...

Just saw this on DA but I decided to harrass you here as well. I love the composition on this piece Lauren! Awesome job!

You Da Man!!!

UrbanBarbarian said...

Very, very nice group shot! Looks very natural - which is never easy to compose!

Arsenic said...

Thank you for drawing Jet!!! Its amazing looking ^ ^ I love everyone's facial expressions. <3