Thursday, March 08, 2007

Remember These Guys?

I was recently reminded of these guys' existence during a conversation at work the other day. I used to watch this show all the time but I had forgotten all about them. So I did a little online research and surprisingly there aren't a whole lot of Heathcliff fansites. But there were enough for me to get the reference to make this drawing. And I've had that damn theme song stuck in my head ever since.

Heathcliff, Heathcliff, No one should
terrorize their neighborhood.
But Heatcliff just won't be outdone,
playing pranks on everyone...
blah blah blah

So enjoy Riff raff and the gang.


Eisu said...

Oh hey, I've totally forgotten about them until this post... heh, who'da thunk I'd ever see a fanart of the Cat & Co... still though, I've forgotten so much about them, this post made me Wiki to remember the olden days... nice piece!

Skylark- said...

I remember the first Heathcliff series, he talked like Bugs Bunny... you totally nail the funny animal thing, I do declare -

I ain't done nothing wrong
I'm havin' fun
riff raff
oh well it's good for a laugh
riff raff
go on laugh yourself in half

prigmore1 said...

HEEEEEEEELLLL YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!! Thats is awsome Lauren.You are right, THose guys were IN the show interacting with heathcliff , not a different segment. And did you know that Tony Fucile (Designer and animation head on the Incredibles and lead animator of Mufasa and Esmerelda) ANIMATED THE OPENING TITLES TO HEATHCLIFF!! The car unfolding and everything.

potato farm girl said...

Ahhhh!! I used to watch this at my grandma's when I was little. It was really good, is this on dvd?

Mike Collins said...

ah flashing back to the day!! looks awesome lauren! you're line quality is amazing. you should color this. would love to see it in color.

Lauren said...

I don't know if it is on DVD but I doubt it. <:(

mauricio salmon said...

oh that's awesome! i loved that show

B. said...

Wow, very nice. And you really can't deny the lasting cultural impact of Heathcliff.


OH YEAH!!!!!


oh great! now I have that blasted song in MY head too!

man this SOOOOOOOOOOO needs to be on dvd