Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Even More Avatar

Jeez, don't I have an imagination? Can't I draw something other than the show I'm working on? Couldn't I try not sucking for once? The anwer to all these questions is NO.

Azula, the girl in the middle, is supposed to have flames on the tips of her fingers. But it seems I forgot to draw it in before I scanned it and I'm too lazy to scan it again. So let's pretend, shall we?

Mai, the girl at the top, is supposed to be flinging some sort of throwing knife. But since I haven't quite perfected the art of drawing the spinning batarang type object, and I'm obviously too lazy to look up reference, it didn't make it into the final. Yet. Just be happy I managed to remember Azula's fire this time.

Monday, December 04, 2006

More Avatar

How many pencils does it take to make a drawing?

Judging from this one.... too damn many. A couple shades of red, one blue, and some black. And ONE post-it!

Friday, December 01, 2006


So I've finished all my work for the day job. And I finished all my work for the freelance job. So I finally have time to draw for something other than my job. I was watching Nausicaa a few weeks back and just jotted down this quick scribble as an idea for a future drawing. You can tell I wasn't very familiar with drawing ohms.

I wasn't able to draw this until today. I had to look at the dvd for the ohm reference. But it looks a bit closer to the actual design than the previous scribble. It was a struggle though. I'm sure you can tell from the many colored scribbles all over the poor ohm. It didn't help that the ohms were drawn differently in every shot I looked at on that dvd. Oh well. I tried.