Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5 Different Attempts at the Same Friggin' Drawing

These are essentially me trying to make something look fancy with color and failing. I had a vague idea of the pose I wanted but couldn't seem to get it right so I drew a few different passes hoping I would be happy with one of them. I'm wasn't.This was the first try. For starters, the original drawing was wonky, and then I messed it up even more in the coloring. I actually had to photoshop in a nose for her cuz I completely messed that up. The only part I liked were the fingers on her right hand.
This was the second try, and she turned out the best . . . on paper . . . but the worst when scanned. I had to bump up her levels in photoshop to make her look less drab and a little closer to the original. This one was probably the closest to what I was trying to achieve Her nose was a happy accident. It just came out of nowhere. Hell, the whole thing was a happy accident because I obviously was not able to repeat it in any of the rest.
The third of the series and definitely my least favorite. Quite a blow to the confidence to go from the previous one to this piece of crap. She's a little too jolly green giant and she's drawn terribly. There is nothing good I have to say about this.
I've really got nothing to say about this one. She was the fourth one I colored. I was supposed to get better as I went but that didn't really happen. I peaked with the blue one and the rest was downhill.
And the final one. She was the first one I drew and the last one I colored. I had originally given up on her because I kept f'ing the drawing up. I'm sure everyone can see the multitude of pencil lines beneath the marker. But since the other four were so lackluster I figured it couldn't possibly be that much worse. And it wasn't. But it wasn't much better either. Oh woe is me.


Skylark- said...
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Todd Oman said...

I actually really like the second one also, looks like you nailed it to me. I can probably show you 250 attemps at the same drawing so don't feel bad we have all been there.

Chris Sims said...

I love the second and fourth one. Those facial expressions are killer!

Skylark- said...

Inspiring stuff. Thanks for posting these. Cool the way there's a progression of emotional moods throughout the sequence and the way the colours are used to convey that.

She comes in colors ev'rywhere;
She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow
Coming, colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors

Have you seen her dressed in blue?
See the sky in front of you
And her face is like a sail
Speck of white so fair and pale
Have you seen a lady fairer?

Have you seen her all in gold?
Like a queen in days of old
She shoots her colors all around
Like a sunset going down
Have you seen a lady fairer?

Anonymous said...

i love the 2nd and last one! ^ ^

Alexiev said...

Great artwork!!!

Good colours... I love the expresion...

Best regards...

Anonymous said...

Karl : I want you to say to yourself ... I deserve this, I love it, I am natures greatest miracle. Go ahead, say it.
Homer : I ... I
Karl : Trust me Homer
Homer : I ...
Karl : Take a step and SAY IT!
Homer : I ... deserve this.
Karl : Louder!
Karl : Shout it!
Karl : I'll need three weeks vacation and moving expences ...
Karl : Lets go shopping!

Alden V said...

i love your work!!! the motion and lifeness is amazing. LOVE IT>