Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Black Canary

This is a super fast Black Canary I drew one day at work. This, along with most everything else I've posted so far (the only exception being the zombie shoes) was done at a time when Eric had made me paranoid by telling me that people would ask me to draw them stuff at the San Diego comic con. So I got all freaked out and started drawing things just to see how quickly I could make a decent drawing. And then I ended up not having to draw much of anything at all. Eric is a big fat liar. But I ended up with a fat stack of drawings, without which I would have nothing to put on this here blog.



jeezus - they would've asked you to draw for them if you didn't spit at and 'shoo!' them all away whenever they stepped to the table! besides, doing these sketches got you to draw for fun/practice instead of working all the damn time. try to look at the silver lining, you old hag.

great looking black canary, btw.

tobbe said...

I like it!