Friday, July 28, 2006

This is that bendy broad from the street fighter game. You notice the bit of yellow on her foot? That's a post-it. Not only a post-it, but a post-it with white out. It shows that not only am I so retarded that i can't center an image on a page and must go off the original boundaries of the piece of paper and onto post-its, but I'm also so retarded that on top of the addition of post-its, I still can't draw the darn thing right. Thus the use of the white out. This blog will be a good place to come to to feel better about yourself if, like me, you can't draw.


Anonymous said...

Someone told me that you had drawn a picture of a wolf. I was trying to find it but coulkdn't. If you have something could you please send me a copy?

Ben said...

oh man, reading through ur blog is like 'mind mirroring' if i get that good, i would still think my drawings suck. hahahaha well its never 'good enough'