Monday, July 31, 2006


This is Cami, in case you couldn't tell. And, yes, those are more post-its, because I don't know how to draw the bottoms of boots. I had originally drawn them the really cheater way of just putting horizontal lines across the soles. Then Eric came in my office and said, "That's not how you draw the bottoms of boots" and proceeded to show me how. What eric doesn't know is that I own a pair of boots that has nothing more than horizontal lines across the bottom. But I took his advice anyway...It just looked better...I guess.


Jon Tsuei said...

Hey Lauren, found your blog by way of Eric's. Cool stuff so far, I hope you keep them coming.

I also emailed a jpeg of the Zatanna and Bats sketch you did for me at SDCC to Eric. If he deleted it, just have him let me know and I'll email it again. Thanks again for that sketch, it's awesome.

potato farm girl said...

I agree, boots are hard to draw, but Cammy kicks ass!

The Big Red One said...

Great drawing!